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Hello Yogis!
Shivay Yoga School- Rishikesh (RYS 200) is offering online yoga teacher teacher training, basic level courses for everyone, advanced level courses, yoga workshops, pranayama course, mantras course and much more. We have designed our courses in a beautiful manner so people who are at home due to this panedemic situation or any othjer reasin they can't travel but want to learn and practice with experienced teacher by staying at their home. We have devided our this yoga course in 2 levels. ( Level 1 and Level 2).

Level 1: The initial training and introduction of yogic wisdom and practice with basic fundamentals of yoga asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, mantras and meditation.

Level 2: The intermediate to advance training, more advance asana series to the people who are already practicing, more deepen yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, meditation, mantra.

In both the courses you will be getting direct comunication to the teacher foreash section and you will also recieve the recorded sessionsand pdf books to read and understand the theortical part.

Note: The training will be a sum of live sessions and recorded session. There will be direct contact to teachers will be availabe through live video calling using Zoom app or Whatsapp video call.

Level 1 and 2 both are divided in these parts:
1. Practical Training:
This will cover asana practice with correct postures and alternate options you can use to posture according to yourself by the help of teacher. Pranayama Sessions to control and learn breath techniques, meditation to see into your inner self and observe the life.

2. Philosophy / Lecture Theory Session
In this section you will be learning the deep routes of yoga philosophy and some very important topics because yoga is not limited only to performing the asanas its is beyond that.

3. Discourse session:
Where all of your questions will be personally answered and discussed by our teachers in live contact.



  • Suitable for practitioners of all levels, all age groups.
  • No previous experiences are necessary.
  • Start learning from the very beginning of yogic training as masters created it
  • More than 35 asanas divided into the initial and intermediate sequence.
  • 3 different Pranayama (breathing) techniques.
  • Basic meditation techniques.
  • Mantra Chanting.
  • A basic introduction to yogic origin, traditions, and system.
  • 8 limbs of yoga in a detailed explanation.
  • Direct communication throughout the course with your teacher.
  • One-to-one video call with teacher to correct and adjust your practice
  • Certificate upon completion.


  • More advanced yogic training for those who want to deepen their personal practice and sadhana according to the original and unmodified yogic traditional system.
    (Suitable for people who completed Level 1 Online Course and/or for practitioners with any previous yogic experiences.)
  • Includes a complete review of the final sequence of Level 1 (35+ poses). + Adds up more than 20 intermediate poses to the already built sequences.
  • Advance Pranayama (breathing exercises).
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Personal astrological Vedic mantra initiation.
  • Yogic cleansings (Kriyas).
  • A detailed explanation of 7
  • Chakras and Nadis.
  • Philosophy lectures from the yogic scripture Patanjali Yog Sutra.
  • Direct communication throughout the course with your teacher.
  • one-to-one video call with teacher to correct and adjust your practice.
  • Certificate upon completion.

Level 1 Fee: $240 (Full Deposit Required)

Level 2 Fee: $399 (Full Deposit Required)